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Last Update 3 anni fa

All sales are final. No refunds are given once Botak Sign starts working on your order. In some cases, a partial or full refund maybe extended to the customer if order has not been processed by Botak Sign for a specific order.

Such refund would be adjusted to cover any fees charged for proofs or other services associated with that order as well as merchant bank fees on credit card transactions. Refunds resulting from but not limited to, quantity, paper stock and shipping downgrades or cancellations prior to being in production shall be subjected to a minimum fee of $15.00, up to 3.5% of the total amount.

Orders that are not yet in production within 5 days of order already incur additional equipment, labor and inventory cost for Botak Sign. Orders not approved for print by customer within 90 days of the order being placed will be non-refundable and will incur a fee of 12.5% of the original invoice total for each 30 day period thereafter until 100% of the original invoice total has been accrued in fees.

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